we hold on to things the tightest, when we are forced to let them go.
we always want things a certain way, when we know can’t be so.
dreams always last the longest, when they are furthest from our reach,
and the lessons we can learn the most from, are often the very ones we teach.
the grass is always the greenest, when it lies on the other side,
and the truths we preach to others are often those we can't abide.
we spend our time trying to see things, when perspective is one thing we lack,
and we never appreciate what we've got, until we can't get it back.
we expect the whole world to give us a break, and yet ironically we'll find,
that when others come asking us the same, we tell them they're out of their mind.
we tell everyone what's wrong with this world, and we do nothing to make it right.
we complain about families falling apart, and yet do nothing to keep them tight.
we preach about loving our neighbors, and we teach children right from wrong,
but we never set good examples for them, when real chances come along.
we complain about not having enough time in our lives, to do what we must do.
yet if we were given more hours in the day, we'd use up all that, too.
we desire to be close to all those we love, yet all to often look from afar,
and when it comes to the truth do we want to change, or remain forever as we are?


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